Information on breathalyzers, ignition interlock devices, and DWI and license reinstatement laws regarding ignition interlocks.
Saturday December 10th 2016



West Virginia Ignition Interlock Program and Installation

There are approved IID installers throughout WV.

There are approved IID installers throughout WV.

West Virginia’s ignition interlock law establishes the Test & Lock Program.  This program allows DUI offenders to install and use an approved ignition interlock device (IID), sometimes referred to as a breathalyzer interlock, in order to reinstate their driver license.  The period of time the IID must be used will depend on the number of previous offenses, whether the individual refused a breathalyzer test, and the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of the offender.

It is important to have an approved IID installed by a certified technician.  Approved IID installers can be located throughout the state.  The contacts listed below are approved IID companies in West Virginia and can assist you in locating an installation center near you.  This list is subject to change and other ignition interlock companies may operate in the state.

National Interlock:  1-877-753-6571

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