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Saturday December 10th 2016



Pennsylvania Authorized Ignition Interlock Installers

The State of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation must authorize the service center that installs an ignition interlock device in order to obtain an ignition interlock license. Further, the device the installer puts in the vehicle must also be PennDOT approved. A list of authorized Installation Service Centers will be included in a Restoration Requirements Letter sent 30 days before eligibility for an Ignition Interlock License. The following is a list of the approved Installation Service Centers in Pennsylvania. This list is subject to change.

  • Keystone  (800) 880-3394
  • PA Interlock, Ultimate Protection, Inc.  (866) 718-8606
  • Draeger Interlock, Inc.  (800) 332-6858
  • Consumer Safety Technology, Inc.  (877) 777-5020
  • Interlock Systems of Pennsylvania, Inc.  (800) 452-1739
  • National Interlock, Inc. (866) 342-4984
  • Alcohol Detection Systems  (800) 786-7394
  • Alleghany County Ignition Interlock Program (412) 931-6107

Information on the procedure for obtaining a Pennsylvania Ignition Interlock License.

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